Gulag Tunes

Gulag Tunes.jpg

This morning I read a beautifully researched and written, and very moving article by Sophie Pinkham in the Paris Review online. It’s an old piece (2012) but new to me; and a wonderful introduction to Dina Vierny, who otherwise on the interweb seems to appear only in the guise of ‘muse’ and ‘artist’s model’. Clearly she was so much more than that. There are links to songs in the article and you should certainly have a listen! Plus, of particular joy to Baba Yaga, the article is chock-a-block with all sorts on samizdat, Russian prison songs, and language and ideas that were hidden away in Soviet popular culture like gold nuggets in a seam of black earth.

One afternoon in 1943, just before a lunch date with Picasso, Dina Vierny was arrested in Paris. Three months later Picasso received her note, smuggled out with the prison laundry, saying she wouldn’t be able to make it…

Read the rest of Sophie’s piece here.

Source: Gulag Tunes


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