Unravelling the Year: 2015

So 2015 is almost stitched up, and I am midway through my traditional looking back on the old year and plotting and planning for the new. I’ve been helped since 2010 in this annual endeavour by the fabulous Susannah Conway, who generously creates and makes available ‘Unravelling the Year Ahead‘. As a very inept crochet-addict, and one who spends a lot of time unravelling my misadventures in yarn-work (currently a foray into leg warmers), I truly appreciate the idea behind the workbook. To make things you have to be willing and able to unmake things, or at least be prepared to start over again and again, puzzling out as you go exactly how a Spike Stitch (for example) works. I’ve discovered this to be true of pretty much everything, including writing poetry :  be as willing to retrace your steps as you are to bound joyfully forward.

In other news: I am grateful to have two poems in the current issue of The Next Review, where I am in the company of some other fine and interesting writers. This publication neatly bookends my writing year.

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